About Negroni

Negroni brand started in 2001 by a shoe manufacturer "Marumitsu Inc." founded in 1966 Tokyo. Representative director Shuichi Miyabe, an enthusiast who produced a number of hit OEM designer shoes, started a brand based on the concept of "optimal design shoes practical to drive and for daily use." Negroni became a big topic among professional drivers and motor journalists in the blink of an eye from its comfortability and ease of operation. Negroni then expanded their distribution channel in famous department stores nationwide, using leather puzzle "Color Order System." This was their first attempt to let the customers choose their own color ways and patterns, which made possible to create an original driving shoes from 670 thousand combination of patterns, and bringing repeat customers. The shoes are practical for driving, yet fits in daily use as well as in business scenes, this is a shoes brand suitable for diverse lifestyles.